Dubai: See me co-lead a sustainability and food workshop (virtually) at Dubai’s Expo2020

February 21, 2022 by Joshua
in Nature

I co-presented with my friend Johan Jorgensen of Sweden FoodTech, who was in Dubai running a multiple-day event at Expo2020 on food and technology. He knows my work in sustainability leadership and food so invited me to co-present.

Good food means preparation. I helped him and his team prepare by giving them a recipe, including where to find nutritional yeast in Dubai.

I was supposed to lead a workshop like this in person in Sweden. Johan and I had planned as much as we could one year, including my sailing, until the pandemic made it impossible. This video shows our first time collaborating remotely.

Here’s the video. The stew finishes cooking about 39:00, soon after which he gives some to his daughter to test it. She likes it, then he likes it, and they start playfully fighting over it.

Usually my workshops are more formal and sophisticated, but winging it by video chat had its appeal. You can see what goes into the stew and how easy it is to make. It works every time.

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