Early Christmas pagan trees being sent to landfill. What represents our culture better?

December 27, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature

I’ve written how trees people buy for Christmas are a pagan tradition in You Don’t Need a “Christmas” Tree—a pagan tradition. A reminder of the waste you can avoid.

For some reason, everyone in the world doesn’t follow my suggestions to start healthier traditions for Christmas. Instead, they fund the practice of growing Christmas pagan trees to cut them down and send them to landfills or with giant fossil-fuel burning machines, cut them apart into mulch, claimed to be made available for lawns, but I’ll be mostly ending up in landfills.

I saw my first tree being thrown out this season, believe it or not, on December 24. Why wait for Christmas to throw away the tree? I saw a few more on Christmas and the next day while out picking up litter. For some reason I thought to wait for when hundreds litter each block and didn’t take pictures.

Tonight I decided not to wait, so took pictures of people throwing away trees they paid for people to cut down to (as best I can tell, since I don’t think Jesus was big on being considered not the one true God) dishonor Christmas by making it pagan. Here are the dead trees heading for landfills.

Why stop at killing a tree? Why not enclose it in plastic to add insult to injury? Isn’t it beautiful?

More to come.

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