Exploring versus leading

October 11, 2023 by Joshua
in Leadership

People suggest I teach people how to do what I’ve done—things like unplugging the fridge or avoiding packaged food. Isn’t that what leaders do? Shouldn’t I make some videos on how to live without a fridge, flying, or doof?

It’s a great question. I could only answer after hosting author, TED speaker, and entrepreneur Derek Sivers on my podcast. He asked why I invited him since he doesn’t work in sustainability. I told him my strategy is to work with leaders in any field since sustainability lacked leadership. He clarified that he considered himself an explorer more than a leader.

Until then I had contrasted leadership with management and hadn’t thought of exploring as a role. Now I see myself as an explorer too.

Why not be a leader sometimes? If I stopped to show how to live without a fridge, I wouldn’t have explored further to unplugging the apartment or canceling my electric company account. Now I’m on to exploring more. I’ll keep exploring the sustainability frontier more until I stop having fun. In the meantime, I hope and expect entrepreneurs to show others how to create fun and freedom living joyfully sustainably.

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