Eye See You portraits by Genevieve Kim

June 28, 2019 by Joshua
in Art, Stories

Genevieve Kim invited me to participate in her Eye See You project, a global project to photograph 1,000 strangers as a practice of seeing and being seen, in collaboration with The Assemblage NoMad (where we met), Ubuntu Market, Melissa Galeria, Invisible Technologies, BURNT, The Munchies Table and photographers around the world.

Self-taught in photography, Genevieve has had her work appear in the NY Times, AdWeek, MOZAIC, Business Insider, UN Habitats and other publications.

She says about the project, “More than a face, I want to know your story,” which described the process. The shoot and interactions leading up to it were about sharing stories, which, I think, went into how she took the pictures.

I’m honored to participate. Click here for all her portraits in the project and here to learn more about Genevieve and to reach her. Here are her portraits of me.

Here are the above pictures in her project page.

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