Family Planning Success Stories From Around the World (mostly videos)

March 20, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature

Through voluntary, noncoercive, even fun ways, enabling couples to decide their family sizes, many nations have lowered population growth leading to prosperity, abundance, and stability. Think the opposite of the One Child Policy or eugenics.

Most of us don’t know these success stories. Many people would have considered such changes impossible, including myself until recently, or would have thought it resulted from a so-called demographic transition that resulted from economic growth. On the contrary, what economists think just happens in the most successful cases results from actions that people like you and me make happen.

I’m starting with Thailand and Iran, two of the most successful. I’ll add more as I find them.

BBC’s People Fixing the World

Thailand’s Condom King

The Cheerful Revolution (1979)

Two is Enough, parts 1 and 2

TED talk: How Mr. Condom made Thailand a better place for life and love in September 2010 in New York

Here’s Why They Call Him Mr. Condom

‘Mr Condom’ spearheads fight against Thailand’s new AIDS crisis

TEDx: Using Condoms to Fight Poverty

Under-Told Verbatim: The Condom King, Mechai Viravaidya

Thailand’s Mr. Condom battles AIDS

Wall Street Journal video on Thailand population

New Challenges for Thailand’s Elderly

Social Entrepreneur Mechai Viravaidya

Family Planning in Iran, 1970s

The Kindest Cut – Iran (referring to vasectomy, which appears in video, so YouTube may restrict where you live, though it appears to have aired on TV in 2000)

Research on Iran’s results after the war with Iraq until the current regime. Here’s a chart from it, showing Iran’s record birth rate reduction—noncoercive, simply providing free education and contraception, resulting in stability and increasing prosperity.

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