February started with more clouds. Will rain again tomorrow.

February 1, 2024 by Joshua
in Freedom, Nature

What do you know, more clouds today. There was enough sun to get one battery to 12%, which let me use the computer enough to catch up on some emails and post. My computer shut down while in sleep mode, it hadn’t been charged in so long.

I hope my posts haven’t come out too repetitive lately, but in over a year and a half I haven’t hit this little sun and it’s a major problem. Solar already isn’t clean, green, or renewable, despite what everyone calls it, and everyone knows you can’t get sunshine whenever you want it, but I’d come to find it more predictable.

Well, it isn’t. Yet, despite its problems, it’s like Methadone: still powerful and addicting, but not as much as the hard stuff, like heroin, which it can help wean us from. We just have to be more resilient. If we want a culture where we can’t deprive others of life, liberty, property, and freedom, we have to change more than I’ve changed so far.

I didn’t say we have to give a lot up or that we won’t like living differently. We’ll like it more. It will be easy after a decent fraction of us have switched. We’ll wish we had changed earlier. Future generations will look at us as we look at Americans leading up to 1861:

How could they have taken so long to change?

How could they not see life would be better after?

How could they not tell a Civil War was coming?

How could they not see how much they were hurting others, depriving them of life, liberty, and property for their comfort and a way of life maintained by lies?

How are we not learning from their experience?

For now, I have to log off before my battery dies.

Oh yeah, I had to climb the eleven flights to my roof three times today because of meetings and when the sun was up, plus having to bring all my equipment back down before tonight’s rain. Sometimes it works out that way.

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