Graduated to a new kettlebell: 70 pounds (31.8kg)

September 8, 2021 by Joshua
in Fitness

Normally I avoid quick and dirty posts, but I’m tired from carrying home a used 70-pound kettlebell I bought from Queens by subway. That’s many blocks of farmer’s walks and carrying that thing down stairs into the subway, back up to the surface, and up the stairs to my apartment. Maybe half a mile walking plus six or seven flights of stairs. It’s almost midnight and I want to post and go to bed soon.

I avoid buying things new, so I checked Craigslist for months. I won’t lie that I feel pride at how many kettlebells people are selling up to 28 kilograms (63 pounds) and less and how rarely heavier ones appear.

Years ago, I bought a 24 kilogram kettlebell that I walked many blocks and barely made it. Years later I did it with a 28 kilogram kettlebell and barely made it again. This time was just as hard, but I know how easily I could carry those earlier ones.

I don’t know what exercises I can do with this one. I know I can do farmer’s walks. Probably swings, maybe suitcase deadlifts and squats, but who knows? Not Turkish get-ups for a long time since I dropped lighter weights. With my body’s potential strength decreasing every year, will I be able to use it for long even if I can now? Unfortunately, after buying I I found the handle too small for both hands to grip at once.

I’ll find out and work it out. I advanced past earlier limitations with the lighter weights, so I figure I will with this one. If I can’t, I can always sell it.

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