—Systemic change begins with personal change—

048: Anisa Heming, conversation 2: I became very grateful


This episode contains a lot of laughter. It's about making behaviors conscious. Many people tell me how hard they envision living by their values. They think you have to prepare with planning, analysis, and so on. Anisa's experience suggests the opposite: starting and acting leads you to figure things out. As she points out, if you try to solve everything, you'll never start. If you start, you'll find you can solve more and more things. Hear from Anisa how much easier changing is when you just start. Read the transcript.

045: Anisa Heming, conversation 1: Every day you make choices. Make them conscious.


Anisa is another counterexample to believing that working on the environment distracts from getting ahead. She rose to become the director of the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council despite being early in her career. Though she was doing fine in architecture, she responded to the call for help people and communities in New Orleans after hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Doing what people cared about helped others and led her to positions to help more people, leading her to Washington, DC and being named one of the Most Powerful Women in Sustainability. Still friendly and humble, she shared her environmental values, including where she felt she wasn't living up to them---what many people hide. Then she chose to act on them, recognizing the difficulty. I see her as a role model for improving one's leadership through self-awareness and action. Read the transcript.

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