—Systemic change begins with personal change—

463: Brad Hoylman, part 1: From New York Senator to Manhattan Borough President


Brad isn't just a longtime elected legislator, he's also a neighbor who represents me. Most campaigning politicians speak in talking points. Maybe for being neighbors, maybe just out of his personality, I heard him opening up and sharing about the man behind the campaign. We spoke about what motivates him, his vision, New York City, Greenwich Village, and government leadership. He spoke thoughtfully, with reflection on political topics but also other personal ones, like the environment, drugs, and drug dealers and use in our "back yard,"---that is, Washington Square Park. I would have expected a politician to dodge some of those questions. Here is Brad Hoylman, the person behind the campaign. I hope our conversation helps lead to New York City legislating decreasing the supply of plastic and packaging choking our oceans and air.

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