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139: Chris Voss, part 1: FBI Hostage negotiation through honesty and fun


When you think of negotiating, do you think of honesty, fun, and openness. How about hostage negotiation with terrorists? Chris Voss brings the experience of negotiating in some of the world's most challenging situations to teaching you to negotiate and honesty, fun, and openness are some of the top things he brings. How would you like to look forward to your next negotiation that way? He also brings social and emotional skills to a field long dominated by abstract principles, which help, but develop your performance. His approach, beyond just book learning, is relevant to all negotiation, particularly relevant to environmental leadership. His book has several effective techniques that overlap with mine (compare with Leadership Step by Step's chapters 18 and 19) though he has a couple decades more experience. If you like learning leadership, you'll find learning from Chris valuable. And fun. Read the transcript.

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