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013: Dan Pink, Conversation 2: It’s easy


Dan Pink's second conversation was short and sweet, like his personal challenge. After a few guests learning, growing, and leading from having to overcome big challenges, Dan shared an easy, simple experience. The story was that there was no story. While many portray changing your diet as impossible or a big challenge, Dan and his wife simply stopped eating most meat. That's it. He stopped. He could have stopped earlier. What problems arose were small and he solved quickly. If you're thinking of committing to a personal challenge, sometimes it's easy. Listen to the conversation for how to choose challenges so they're easy for you. You can always build to harder ones. Dan's new book When and TED Dan's book was released a few days ago. You may have also seen him in the news. We talked about writing, marketing big releases, and preparing for TED talks. Read the full transcript.

001: Dan Pink, Conversation 1: When to act


Everyone in leadership knows Dan Pink, his books and his TED talks. If you want to lead, influence, or motivate people, it's a matter of time until you read or watch something of his. I started with Drive: the Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us, which led me to contact him (and criticize his work, listen to the podcast for the story). Since then, he's supported my work and was enthusiastic about his personal challenge. As a writer and educator, I indulged in asking him about his technique, so if you're interested in improving your technique and style, you'll hear some great tips from him. He also talks about his new book, When: the Scientific Secrets of Perfect Planning, so if it's before January 9, 2018, you get a sneak preview. Read the full transcript.

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