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114: Dave Asprey: Leading with love


If you're like me, you've heard of Bulletproof coffee. Since I don't drink coffee I didn't think much of it, but since I heard about it, I figured the guy behind it was good at internet marketing. I'd come to hear Dave name. Also I kept hearing about people losing weight on it and saying they had tons of energy. Still, I didn't pay too much attention? Was it keto? When I found out he was speaking at the coworking space where I was hosting one of my famous no-packaging vegetable stew and sustainability events, Assemblage, I decided to go and learn more. I was surprised several times over. First, the place was more packed than any event there that I'd seen. Second, everyone was rapt with attention. Third, he wasn't trying to entertain to get that attention. He just talked. Fourth, a lot of people stayed well after it officially ended. He talked a lot about supplements, eating habits, and behavioral change. I thought: Some so-called leaders lead poorly, even if they have authority. Some leaders lead okay. His followers follow him to put untested things in their bodies, for their reasons, as informed, consenting adults. Followership like that looked like leadership at another level. Hustler that I am, when he finished speaking, I spoke to his people, who introduced me to him. I got an advanced copy and reviewed his book for Inc. That conversation, which we recorded, covered leadership as much as anything else so I asked if I could share it on the podcast and he and his team loved the idea. As with anyone with a big name, you'll find criticism of him online. You'll face criticism when you act on your values. Diversity means people have different values. Some people will think what you think is right is wrong and vice versa. The question is not if you as a leader will face disagreement. That's a given. The question is how you handle it. Remember, he wasn't speaking for his voice to be shared, which to me adds an extra layer of authenticity. This is just him talking to me. Read the transcript.

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