—Systemic change begins with personal change—

287: David Katz, part 1: Stopping ocean plastic


David's TED talk has over 2 million views. I recommend watching it to learn about his project, Plastic Bank, though he describes it in our conversation. Regular listeners know my views on importance of reduction first. I wanted to know if Plastic Bank's putting a value on plastic, increasing demand. His TED talk talks about turning off the valve if you're flooding, but maybe he's just moving the water around, not shutting the valve. But you'll hear in our conversation that he clearly states his goal is to stop virgin plastic production. David is leading, working with people, beliefs, goals---what I believe is where we should work. Most people tell me what they can't do on the environment, how others have to change, why they shouldn't change. David shares the opposite---how to live how you want in every way.

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