—Systemic change begins with personal change—

066: Dorie Clark, part 2: “And that is how you make progress”


Dorie shares about the six-month habit she committed to---one of the longest of any guest. Wait, can you just decide one day to start or stop a habit? Isn't that impossible? Listen to Dorie's results. She's a master of habits: how to create them, start them, and teach others to do so. She shares how she works. With some guests you feel like they're always conscious of the microphone. Not Dorie. Most of us are so genuine with friends and family. I think we all wish we could stay that way in public, without pretense or affectation. We have a lot of mutual friends. Every one of them will tell you that she's incredibly open, sharing about herself. She shares how she achieves this personal mastery, methodically and effectively. This conversation is more about personal leadership, which environmental action needs, if you ask me. Few people who work on the environment show it. We met at the café of her commitment so you'll hear we're on the street. I liked the informality. Read the transcript.

017: Dorie Clark, Conversation 1, Make Yourself Known


Talk about a generous conversation! Dorie Clark shares about how to make yourself known, to become a leader, and to connect with others. She shares her personal experiences, since she didn't start with any advantages, and some of what she shares in her books. We talked about one of my big questions: do you need to go through a major life challenge---a crucible---to achieve greatness or to become a leader. When we got to talking about the environment and her personal challenge, you can hear in how she takes on hers that she's taken on many challenges before. If you want to improve your skills in taking on challenges and succeeding at them, her perspective reveals a lot to learn from. Her challenge is, I think, the longest challenge someone committed to as her first. Listen to hear it.

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