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555: EJ Perry, part 1: Brown’s quarterback on clutch performance


Who doesn't love knowing about something big before everyone else? EJ Perry is something big, a very talented quarterback being scouted by the NFL, coming from the Ivy League. Rarely do people reach pinnacles in multiple areas of life so young. (I'm posting early so you can know to see him play in the Shrine Bowl next week, February 3 at 8pm eastern on the NFL network.) Regular listeners know I like bringing top athletes to the podcast because they've faced challenges, victories, losses, and adversity and had to return to the game and life. We didn't ask to be born into a polluted world, but we did. I believe we can learn from athletes and other leaders. I indulge in asking EJ about playing in clutch situations. He describes preparation, teamwork, mindset, and the types of things we need to face our environmental problems beyond facts, numbers, and instruction. Then we talk about what the environment means to him. He responds with humility and evolves from a mainstream response of what can I do?? to I know what I can do, connecting him more to family, giving him energy.

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