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316: Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD, part 2: Eat for Life


Joel talked so passionately about everything I look to bring out in other guests, I hardly spoke about his commitment with bringing bags. No problem, I loved hearing his views, history, and approach. I went with it. He also approaches the environment from food, though from a medical background. I just kept learning from him. Sadly, we as a culture keep moving toward disease and pollution, however much we want to move toward health and cleanliness. You and I can lead. This is our chance. Joel has been for decades. He's gotten results with the public through his books and his clients personally. You and I can build on what he started. I can't say much more than Joel did, connecting food and the environment and the benefit to us. Who knows, maybe our conversation will result in a PBS show. On a personal note, I'm glad to have heard his message of joy. Before these conversations I associated him mostly with medicine and nutrition. He covers those things, but with no lack of joy.

299: Dr. Joel Fuhrman, part 1: Eat to Live


Food is important part of environment, as you know. The book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman changed a lot for me. I came across it after my experiments avoiding packaged food, fiber-removed foods, and meat. Eat to Live showed me that the delicious diet I found by reducing garbage and pollution turned out healthy. People stopped me in public to tell me how the book changed their lives. I'm in the middle of another of his books, Fast Food Genocide, as I'm writing and find it fascinating. You'll hear me at the beginning stumble a bit. I had prepared, but meeting Joel in person at his home became a lesson in food preparation and joy. He showed me the plants he's growing in solar powered greenhouse. Now, I think I'm getting good at making my stews, salads, and desserts, but with his kitchen full of vegetables and fruit, he whipped together a salad more delicious than mine effortlessly. I invite people over and they seem to like the food and impressed with my technique. All he did was make a salad and offer some snacks, including dried fruit and a chocolate chia pudding, but he showed a mastery I haven't developed yet. I mostly associated him with nutrition and healthy eating. Now I associate him with everything I'm trying to create around the environment: based in science but once you get it, about joy, community, connection, family. I realized I'm barely started developing my food-making skills. So by when we started recording the conversation, I was trying to learn from watching. By the way, if you hear noise of something brushing the microphone, it's his adorably dog, who was running around us as we spoke. You'll hear something that made me feel great---he noticed the yellow in my hand skin color and told me it meant I was eating a diet with plenty of phytonutrients. The recognition felt great. Again, Eat To Live changed my life. I recommend his books, his videos, his advice, and now his lifestyle.

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