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130: John Lee Dumas, part 3: One year picking up beach garbage


I'm trying something new for my third conversation with John: releasing the conversation unedited. While no editing means the sound is raw, you also hear everything. Why? Because you can hear how our relationship is developing into a friendship. in contrast to most conversations about the environment that I hear. They're about facts, doom, gloom, what the government should do, how nothing matters, and other analytic, academic, abstract, philosophical stuff. Anything but saying, "I'm going to act and do something new." John acted. He led me back to act. We both enjoyed our new actions though neither of us would have loved picking up garbage for no compensation for no reason. When connected to our values and our little race to the top, we both love it. We both still pollute more than we need to, but when you enjoy each step, you take more steps. Even after a year, you'll hear he's still just starting. Read the transcript.

067: John Lee Dumas, part 2: Become a person of value


John Lee Dumas took on one of the biggest and longest-term commitment of any guest. Six months in and he's only half through it. He also inspired me back as much as any guest, which is probably related---not to think about things or talk, but to action. As with all environmental action, I expect I'll enjoy it after the initial challenge. I like running as I always have, so trying running how I talk about with him will challenge me. You'll hear how his challenge become something he Enjoys Shares with his family Shares with his community Leads others with, who also enjoy and share it. Learns from Will augment Do you think acting on the environment is a distraction? That it keeps you from getting ahead? That it's dirty? I just checked John's site. Last month, June 2018, he made $165,644. That's a typical month. He can pay people to pick up garbage. Yet he enjoys doing it. He shares it. Others follow him. Maybe acting on his values is what led him to success like that. Read the transcript.

022: John Lee Dumas: Puerto Rico post hurricanes


John Lee Dumas is one of the biggest names in entrepreneurship and podcasting. He also committed to one of the biggest, most enduring challenges of the podcast so far. He and I met at a talk at the New York Public Library a week after the hurricanes hit his home in Puerto Rico. I was surprised at how that context affected his perception of the environment. When I teach leadership based on people's existing motivations and passions, people often ask, "What if the person has no motivation or passion." I usually answer that people care about things more than they let on at first. To share what you care about makes you vulnerable, so many people protect their vulnerabilities by hiding them. When I first asked him for what he cared about the environment, he gave me very little to work with. You'll hear how I handled it. If you're here in part to improve your leadership, I think you'll hear things to learn from. John ended up sharing something he noticed, thought about, and cared about a lot, but never thought about acting on. Again, by the end, he committed to one of the biggest, most enduring challenges of the podcast so far. Read the full transcript.

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