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447: Kathryn Garcia, part 1: Candidate for New York City Mayor


Kathryn Garcia, candidate for Mayor of New York City joined. No matter where you live, the mayor here matters. Many national trends in politics, business, culture, education, sports, and more start here. Our output in entertainment, culture, but also pollution and population affect the U.S. and world. I wanted to treat two issues: sustainability and leadership. Also hear Kathryn Garcia as a person, not just a candidate. Talk about a welcome change from all-too-common American politics! You'll hear a public servant speaking with experience, knowledge, and heat. There are more issues than a mayoral candidate could talk about in one episode with the city in the midst of a pandemic, ethnic and racial strife, a cultural scene that's been shut down, disparities in wealth greater than before the depression, and so on. I didn't want to leave them out but wanted to focus on these issues that matter to everyone, but are less covered elsewhere. You'll hear for yourself. I heard someone speaking from her heart and experience that she's acted and reflected on that matter to everyone who breathes and pays taxes.

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