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300: Larry Yatch, part 3: Discovering New Emotions With His Sons and Wife


As a sneak preview to my third TEDx talk, I used this conversation wit Larry as an example. Sorry you'll have to wait a month for the organizers to edit the video. Waiting is as hard for me as for you. When last we heard, Larry committed to picking up trash from beach with his sons and wife. Sometimes involving others can increase the challenge. Other times involving others leads to leading them, involving them in the process. What do you think happened with Larry's challenge? Does SEAL training lead to being able lead family members? I believe you'll see another side of Larry from the first two episodes, trying to figure out the emotional interaction, sharing what he learns with his family leading up to this conversation, searching inside himself, which he shares openly. I don't know how much vulnerability a warrior shares normally, if there is a normal. You'll hear it when it comes. For many listeners environmental talk and action conjures feelings of guilt, shame, confusion, futility, and the like or expectation that people will try to make us feel that way. I believe you'll hear from this episode what I try to convey in this podcast, that you'll make your life better, by your standards. After you listen, see if you can tell how much I'm enjoying this growing dare I say friendship with Larry---talking about kids, education, and so on? Deep, meaningful access to people is available to anyone through the environment, which could be through family relations, religion, food as in my case, camping, hiking, exercise, and so on.

264: Larry Yatch, part 2: Navy SEAL precision


This episode brings you a trainer who has reached top levels of leadership and teaching leadership break down how to learn. How to learn to learn. Let that sink in. To me this episode felt like a master class by a practitioner and educator. Note his precision in language. At first I found it pedantic, but then realized it's not annoying, it's liberating. When you speak English, you don't sometimes switch letters around in words. So why switch concepts in higher level communication? He lives by his values. Protecting our environment will require billions of people living by new values. Larry lives by his and is driven to help others follow. Whether you want to live as simply as Larry does is not the relevant question. Do you want to live by your values as he does by his? Because you can. Keep in mind, he's happy, accomplished, and it sounds like his family is as close and full of love as they come. They ahve little stuff but live in abundance.

257: Larry Yatch, part 1: Navy SEAL Officer precision leadership


Do you want to reach your potential? Do you want to get past seeing your properties as limitations? Larry shares going from being what he is and we all are -- regular people -- to living his dream. An elite dream. My biggest takeaway from the conversation you're about to hear is accessibility and desire to help. That is, Larry Yatch wants us to get that what he did, we can all do. You may not want to become a SEAL, but to become your version -- that is, what you dream for yourself. And he wants to help enable you to do it. Whatever your doubts or insecurities, you have something you will love as much as he loved what he did and loves what he does. Clean air, land, and water might not be it for you as they have become for me, but I bet you'll get a lot more out of acting on them than you'd expect. Larry cuts to the core of leadership. He's precise. He wants you to understand and practice effectively, not to kind of sort of get it. I used to think military leadership was simple. There's a chain of command. Just tell someone what to do and he does it. That's not even close. It's based in social and emotion skills of teamwork, training, and things that apply to all teamwork. Whether you perform at his level or not, the rewards of living by your values, will be worth it. On a personal note, I don't know how my performance compares with his, but to the extent it does, I've found putting the effort in to live by my values liberating, joyful, creating community, connecting.

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