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286: Paul Smith, part 2: At the edge of my seat


We'll hear about Paul's experiences with eating out, eating at movie theaters, using prepared food, and his changing views on waste that came from experience. Involving his wife too. You'll also hear me several times feel at the edge of my seat, which I attribute to his story-telling and story-telling-teaching. I asked him if he created that effect on purpose or by accident, and we'll get to hear his answer.

280: Paul Smith, part 1: How to tell stories to lead


You probably know the value of stories---though it's probably bigger than you think. You probably could improve your storytelling. Even if you're improving, I bet you're focusing on less-important parts of the craft. Paul Smith teaches storytelling, but as you'll hear, storytelling to lead people is different than just engaging or entertaining them. You'll hear tips and techniques to help you in every part of your life stories matter. Developing yourself as a storyteller to lead others is different than to engage. Not that there isn't great value in it, but if you want to lead, you'll learn from Paul how and where to focus. I say this as someone who has worked on parts that aren't as valuable as what he talks about. On the environment, Paul showed the pattern many do at first---they play down their knowledge and experience, but when they talk about it more, caring and passion emerge, as when he talked about China and LA. Then the more he talked about it, the more emerged.

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