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145: Rob Greenfield, part 1: Abundance without stuff


This conversation is about joy, responsibility, community, and values you undoubtedly share. Rob Greenfield lived like an average American. He saw the environmental problems we all see on headlines and dismissed them as most do. Then he decided he could no longer abdicate the responsibility of how he affected others and our world. I consider him a role model. Nearly everyone I talk to describes what I do as a big deal. I'll grant I'm far from mainstream -- about 10% of the pollution of the average American -- but it's not a big deal. The more you act on your environmental values, the more you'll find typical American behavior is extreme. An aberrant from how humans act. Once not polluting was normal. It's returning that way to me. Rob helps reset my bearings away from accepting what America has become as what it could be. Rob finds joy in living sustainably and responsibly toward others. He creates joy. I recommend getting to know people like him to learn what you can do. Rob is not buying food, yet gives food away. He lives in abundance. Statements like “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” have stood the test of time for a reason. As you listen, note how much he's already done to act sustainably. More than almost anyone. Do you think he'll therefore not be able to come up with a challenge? Read the transcript.

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