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060: Robbie Samuels, Part 2: Consistent change creates big improvements


Right off the bat you can hear my joy to hear how composting has changed Robbie’s life. I used to see composting as an odd thing that I probably should do but didn't know how so didn't. I think most people see it that way, especially if they don't have gardens. In this episode Robbie shares about composting and giving slop for pig feed. He talks about how he loves the idea that what would be trash goes instead into the soil. His enthusiasm to act more is apparent, but I want to make sure he acts on his values---what he cares about, which leadership concerns, not just complying with something I suggest, which is more the domain of management. Leadership leads people to do more because they want to. Seeking compliance based on authority often provokes resistance---the opposite of leadership. Consistent change, even if small at first, can create big improvements. What big changes will come up? What’s next for Robbie? Listen. Read the transcript.

057: Robbie Samuels, part 1: The power of relationship building


What happens when you start with your passion and what you care about? Robbie Samuels is also a podcaster who has created great relationships through his show. He shares how he learned. He sounds like a natural, but he didn't start that way. In this episode we discuss the value of the skill of creating meaningful conversations with influencers. We talk about relationship building skills, which Robbie builds his podcast and business on. We then discuss the challenges and joys of composting and how Robbie has brought into his household. Where many people see problems and give up, Robbie sees potential to build relationships. Listen to how much he laughs. Leaders don't see other people as problems. Robbie's "Ten Tips for Conference Connections" is www.robbiesamuels.com/LatE. His social links: www.twitter.com/robbiesamuels www.facebook.com/robbiesamuelspage www.linkedin.com/in/robbiesamuels Read the transcript.

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