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160: Sean O’Connor, part 2: Replacing coffee cups with human connection


This episode is about a simple experiment anyone can do. It costs nothing and takes no extra time or other resource besides carrying a mug with you. Everyone knows how much garbage we're dumping in the ocean. Everyone knows they can pollute less, including me. Probably including you. This episode shares Sean's experience cutting out coffee cups. I'd say you never have to use another coffee cup again, but you may hit challenges. Sean did. This episode shares his experience. Read the transcript.

153: Sean O’Connor, part 1: From paper cups to evaluating life


Today's guest, Sean, is a friend. We recorded this conversation before the podcast launched in November 2017. It took a while to get through the editing process, but I wanted to post it to document the evolution of the podcast and me. For Sean, it shows him as a leader of leaders, since all the guests since followed him. In showing that I grew as an interviewer, finding a purpose, strategy, and voice, I hope it shows the accessibility for anyone to take an environmental leadership role. This conversation helped the podcast's strategy emerge. It's largely based on learning that community influences behavior more than facts. So I'm bringing world-renowned guests -- people in everyone's communities. If Oprah shares her environmental values, acts on them, and shares that the results bring her joy and liberation, I think many others will -- not blindly following her as a celebrity but acting on their values as she acts on hers. This conversation enabled what came next. Read the transcript.

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