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169: Srini Rao: Surfing and Creativity


Srini has run his podcast over 10 years, written several books, hundreds of articles, interviewing hundreds of researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, me, and more. His business is helping people develop themselves -- to dream, to play, to create, to go on adventures, to find your path. In this conversation we talk about his development and how he got to help others. It's more on the leadership development end of the Leadership and the Environment spectrum If you aspire to more in your life, I recommend listening. He shares himself. We talk about surfing, writing, flow states, and daily practice, things that help you develop. Many people have gone through changes in their lives. Srini learned to share such changes with others so you can emulate them. About this episode This was an early conversation, from over a year ago, but only made it through the editing pipeline now. I was still developing how to talk to guests acting on their values, so I sound clumsy. I find it reveals this podcast's development and mine. Listening now, over a year later, having developed the technique to work with globally-renowned leaders that's become a TEDx talk on its own, it's almost painful to hear my clumsiness and Srini's generosity to play along. But it also shows how to develop: try, practice, rehearse, iterate, listen. Read the transcript.

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