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631: Stephen M. R. Covey, part 1.5: To Arrive Where We Started and to Know the Place for the First Time


Continuing a long trend of guests sharing partially doing their commitments but not stopping, Stephen comes back for an episode 1.5, not yet his episode 2. Stephen committed to sharing his childhood family experiences hiking on a path near a family cabin (my description doesn't do justice to his description, so listen to his first episode, 622, to hear his description drawing on his life experiences). As happens sometimes when a commitment depends on other people, their being unavailable meant he couldn't complete the whole things. He did his part, as he describes in this episode, and he could have declared he consider it enough. Instead, he shares what happened this time, and that he doesn't consider his commitment finished. He shares what worked, what didn't, the experience of walking solo (and biking there instead of driving). Genuine, authentic leaders know one's measure of personal success depends not on things outside of your control. You succeed if you perform to your potential.

622: Stephen M. R. Covey, part 1: Trust & Inspire


Stephen's book, Trust & Inspire, recounts today's effective way to lead, by creating trust and inspiring. He laments people still relying on the old techniques of commanding and controlling, which may have worked in more industrial times, but not today. They provoke resistance, the opposite of trust and inspire. Those familiar with my work have heard me lament what people do in sustainability: CCCSC, my shorthand for convince, cajole, coerce, and seek compliance. They rely on extrinsic rather than intrinsic motivation, which provoke resistance. From the start of our conversation, I tell him how valuable his book's message is for sustainability. We explore each other's approach and share how much we like them. His descriptions of what the environment mean to him and his commitment I found touching.

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