I helped a little old lady cross the street

May 17, 2014 by Joshua
in Leadership

The scene: Greenwich Village, crossing the street to my building. A windy rainy spring afternoon.

I’m hurrying home. As I cross the street I see a woman, maybe in her 70s, about five feet tall, struggling with an umbrella in the wind. She also has a cane and a handbag. Three things, two hands, and wind.

I stop, turn around and ask her if she could use a hand.

Yes, she says. She just wants to get across the street. So I take her umbrella in my left hand and offer my right arm for her to hold. She shuffled around her bag and cane to her right hand and took my arm with her left. We waited for the light and crossed. When we got to the other side she went on her way and I hurried back to my business.

Does stuff like this actually happen outside Leave it to Beaver? I’ve heard boy scouts are supposed to do it, and Neo in the Matrix helped his land lady carry out her garbage, but I don’t know of anyone actually helping a little old lady cross the street. Until now. I’m not bragging. I’m just sharing that I did it.

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