Does holiday joy and family require chainsaws and landfills?

January 23, 2017 by Joshua
in Nature

Look at these wasted trees.

I took these pictures in one-and-a-half blocks! … about two weeks after Christmas, not even after the peak of trees being out on the street. The city is filled with trees chain sawed for a brief stand and then thrown away. I don’t think Manhattan is unique. Where you live probably has similar waste.

Talk about a disposable culture.

How much gas does it take to cut these things with a chainsaw, truck them to the city, truck them out of the city, and dump them in a landfill or wherever they go? I’m sure they farm them, but why not let that land revert to forest? Mulching seems to use a lot of gasoline too.

Jesus was born in the middle east anyway, where there aren’t fir trees. Whatever this tradition is, it’s not from any bible. Every tradition started somehow. Why not start a tradition that doesn’t require throwing away so many trees?

You can create joy without traditions appropriate to a different time and place

If the goal of a holiday is happiness, joy, bringing family together, and things like that, can we all recognize that we can achieve all of those goals without polluting, chain sawing trees, and devoting land that could house forests to fleeting entertainment?

This is no bah humbug perspective. Maybe it would be if the sea levels weren’t rising or people required chain sawing and trucking trees and filling landfills for their happiness.

I believe my message is empowering: you can create happiness, joy, and family bonding without polluting.

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