How to pivot like a pro

October 3, 2016 by Joshua
in Entrepreneurship,

My article from last Monday (sorry, I fell behind), “How to Pivot Like a Pro,” began

How to Pivot Like a Pro

Think you have a good idea but facing resistance? Here’s how to change it to a great idea your customers love and your competitors envy.

Changing your business’s direction is hard, especially when you love your current plan. It could be the difference between customers loving you and having to work hard forever without ever gaining acceptance.

While most people associate the term pivoting with entrepreneurship, listening to your market to change your strategy applies to many areas, such as

  • New product development
  • Proposals to your managers for a project you want to lead
  • How you present yourself in job searches

You may be smothering your chances of success if you don’t listen to your market and adjust.

My search for a virtual assistant showed me someone change his business, keep his core value proposition, and meet customer demand so much better than his first implementation, I had to share.

Read the rest at How to Pivot Like a Pro.

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