How will a sustainable world look?

August 22, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature

Some parts of a world I predict we’ll see as we grow more sustainable:

We’ll live closer to our close families.

We’ll feel less craving. Marketers won’t try to sell us stuff all the time. Billboards will disappear.

We’ll play sports in person more than watching them on TV, without athletes flying all over. We’ll write, paint, and participate in civic activities more.

We’ll eat to full every meal from going back to eating how our ancestors did, much more vegetables. They’re delicious and low in calories. so we get to enjoy eating more.

We’ll know our farmers from buying from people closer to us.

We’ll bike a lot more. Now Americas say biking is hard and depends on the weather, but whatever weather we fear, in Holland and Finland eighty-year-olds are biking in it, or recently did.

City centers will become more dense and transition to rural faster. Suburbs will disappear.

Farming and food production will return to a higher percentage of workers.

Small towns will regrow.

Big box stores will go away as will their cheap products that cost more in the long run from needing frequent replacement.

Jobs will become more service-based with people figuring out how to help others replacing bullshit jobs.

People’s hobbies will become gardening, home cooking, reading, writing, learning, fitness, sports, playing music, similar active activities.

Fewer people will become obese.

We will produce less garbage.

Big Hollywood blockbusters will disappear while neighborhood theater will grow. People you know will participate.

I’ll keep adding to the list as I think of other things.

Note, I didn’t say sustainability would mean peace on Earth or all our problems solved. But we won’t return to the stone age or see our lifespans shrink.

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