I Bet You Care More Than People Think You Do

April 1, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature

I bet you care about nature more than people think you do. It pains you to hear about the coral, the wildfires, the extinctions, and you’ve read the headlines. You wish you could do more. You want to act, but you don’t want to waste your time.

Calvin it's not fair

It’s not fair. I agree. We were born into a polluted world and a polluting culture. The scientists, educators, journalists, and politicians who created this situation are the ones now telling us to stop. WTF? They told us it was good to fly and buy disposable things. Now when we do, we’re told to feel ashamed.

It’s not fair that the grocery store sells everything in packaging we have to throw away, that companies use toxic chemicals we didn’t ask for, that our cities’ infrastructures force us to drive everywhere, and that doing anything about these things means swimming upstream. More like spitting in the wind.

Beyond not fair, the loudest voices often seem the most hypocritical. The celebrities, moguls, and politicians who say coal miners and oil riggers have to adjust aren’t adjusting their bicoastal ways and multiple mansions. Thirteen-hundred private jets to Davos to discuss climate change?! They tell us we’re in it together and have to dig deep, but they don’t seem to care much for the families and communities being ripped apart. Oh, but they have to see their family on the opposite coast, or just to go to a party. If we shouldn’t dig for the fossil fuels, why do they seem to use more than anyone?

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