I finish paying for the MBA I earned in 2005-06 tomorrow

July 27, 2020 by Joshua
in Education, Entrepreneurship

In spring 2006, back when universities existed, I earned an MBA. Tomorrow I finish paying the last payment on my loan to pay for it.

Its rate was something like one percent, so I didn’t see a reason to pay early, but I still like the idea of paying off the last of my long-term debt. It takes a weight off my shoulders. By contrast, I paid off my higher-interest mortgage as soon as I could.

I haven’t shared this story of the three-week whirlwind from considering applying to starting class lately: I started at an Ivy League business school 23 days after deciding to apply. Here’s how.

It’s one of my early applications of some of what I teach and coach in my book Initiative. I also partly used skills I learned getting past doormen at New York City clubs.

If you want to replicate my feat and get in in 23 days, or at least faster than usual, here are the foundation that made a 23-day admissions process possible and My essays for getting into an Ivy League business school in 23 days. I haven’t reread the essays since then, so I’m scared to look and risk making myself cringe.

I valued my business school education, though since then I learned project-based learning, created the courses perfect for me, and taught and coached them for years, I would take my courses instead of business school today.

If you’re thinking about business school, unless you want to go into finance or consulting, I recommend saving a decade-and-a-half of debt and doing the exercises in my books, which are based on my course.

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