I get furious sometimes too

March 14, 2017 by Joshua
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For all I write about emotional skills, social skills, and keeping calm, sometimes I get furious like anyone else.

It’s happened a few times recently. Amid overwhelming success, looking back, the book launch had problems. And it was crunch time for over a month. I’ve worked through plenty of crunch times, but even a lot of experience can’t overcome all emotional challenges.

You can get angry when you have expectations, people don’t meet them, and you don’t know why. Then not being able to do anything about an important situation makes the emotions more intense.

I tend to post here about successes and to give advice. Not everything goes as expected. I won’t bore you with details, but I’ve been sharing and working through some challenges with friends and colleagues and thought it worth sharing that these problems come up and evoke emotions I generally don’t like feeling.

One of my big life discoveries is that feeling an emotion I don’t like doesn’t have to mean I feel miserable. I try to live it, though it takes attention and skill.

On another note, as long as I mention the launch, I’ll to share the summary of the online reviews so far:

50 Reviews

50 Reviews so far for Leadership Step by Step, over 98% 5-stars!

I recommend buying the book and enjoying it! … especially doing the exercises.

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