I hear young people seethe with rage at old people, especially boomers

November 14, 2023 by Joshua
in Leadership

I hear young people furious at Boomers in particular, but old people in general, for causing a problem, then abdicating responsibility on acting, instead saying “I am encouraged by young people acting.”

What jerks! Act yourself! Stop capitulating and continuing your insouciant damaging. You have more assets, connections, resources, and what it takes to accomplish things.

Not acting personally but teaching young people just teaches them not to act and abdicate their responsibility too. You know they don’t just listen to your words, especially when cowardly and empty. They watch what you do, which they learn more from.

Boomers and old people can teach young people best by acting themselves.

I like boomers’ music, but not their cowardice.

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