I loathe being interrupted, but here’s when to do it. I’ll thank you for it.

May 8, 2022 by Joshua
in Nonjudgment

I can’t stand when people interrupt me. I don’t like myself when I do it either. But there is at least one time when I would consider you my friend for interrupting me.

More than interruptions, I can’t stand when someone who can do something and believes they should but has filled their head and heart with some cockamamie limiting belief. They say they can’t get in shape, get promoted, learn some skill, save money, eat healthy, stop polluting, and so on for reasons if they looked in their hearts they’d know where lies, but palliative, comfortable lies. They don’t say them for others to believe them. They say them for themselves to sleep at night. Since they don’t even say them out loud to themselves, they don’t have to be plausible, just enough to quiet their consciences.

The more someone says the bullshit excuse and sees others accept it, the more it takes root, so I consider it an act of friendship to overcome the risk of annoying you by interrupting you to help break the pattern. If friends don’t help you see and listen to yourself, who will?

As you know, I do it too. I try to be aware, but not always am. If you hear me spouting some bullshit limiting belief, I will consider it an act of friendship to interrupt my limiting belief pattern.

I can’t stand people talking themselves into complacency, abdication, and capitulation. I dislike a culture of it. You’ll be doing me a favor if you help protect me from it. I hope you’ll appreciate my returning the favor.

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