I planted my first tree!

May 17, 2020 by Joshua
in Nature

Last October I asked in a post How to plant a tree in New York City?. Yesterday I planted one—a juneberry tree.

Here’s the best picture my crappy old camera phone could take of it. In a few years it will grow past my height and deliver delicious juneberries.

I didn’t plant it in New York City, but instead in the yard of my mom and stepfather’s house about 90 minutes northwest. Here’s the sapling, a gift from a friend, before planting:

I did it now partly from being the debut guest on the new Leadership and the Environment Sweden podcast, the first new branch of the Leadership and the Environment podcast. The host, Andreas, led me through the podcast’s four-step process to lead to share an environmental value and acting on it. I recommend listening to the episode.

I committed to planting that tree. As with nearly all my guests, I loved the experience. My stepfather set me up with compost, a shovel, where to dig, how much to dig, and everything except actually digging, planting, packing the dirt, and watering. I find acting on our natural values brings people together, especially family.

Now it’s time to schedule my second conversation on the podcast.

EDIT June 8, 2020: I took this picture before heading back home:

The juneberry tree is in the middle. This photograph doesn’t show it well. It hasn’t grown much, but seems to have taken root.

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