If something is labeled “Compostable” it means it’s not compostable. If something is labeled “recyclable” or “recycled” it means it’s polluting garbage.

October 20, 2023 by Joshua
in Addiction

Things that are compostable aren’t labeled. They’re plants and fungi. Corn cobs and peach pits don’t say compostable. Things that are labeled “compostable” are manufactured and generally need special composting facilities. Even if where you live has them, they required manufacturing. It’s likely doof.

People lived for 300,000 years with only things that biodegraded. Whatever convenience you think some salad bowl labeled “compostable” brings, it isn’t clean, green, or renewable and your life will be better without it, even if you don’t see how at first. Sometimes it takes changing your culture to one of stewardship.

Likewise with recycling. Things labeled “recyclable”, “recycled”, “made from recycled material”, or in bright cheery letters “recycle me!” are with rare exception garbage, pollution, unnecessary, and keeping you addicted to a polluting, depleting lifestyle of addiction and imperialism. It’s likely doof too.

They’re better at manipulating than most people are of detecting and resisting the manipulation.

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