Image ideas for my book cover

December 16, 2023 by Joshua
in Visualization

What images might represent our time best? Here are some images I’ve thought of while considering the cover for my book.

  • A baby suckling at a bottle. The bottle is labeled Coca-Cola.
  • Two babies suckling at bottles. One bottle is labeled Coca-Cola, the other Oxycontin, heroin, or Exxon
  • The final scene in Planet of the Apes, but with the Statue of Liberty buried in garbage, not just sand. I think this image would work great, but only for people who saw the movie. Since it came out in 1968, I don’t think enough people would recognize it.
  • A Hudson River School painting but with litter or garbage in it. Not a lot, just a few pieces.
  • Something with Rosie the Riveter, maybe picking up litter or walking instead of driving or flying.
  • A convention center with a sign saying it’s hosting a sustainability conference with a line of private jets landing at an airport in the background, maybe with a stream of helicopters taking people from the airport to the conference.
  • A four-legged stool with one leg broken, falling because the leg is broken. Something indicating America on it, like an American flag or apple pie. Three legs are labeled freedom, equality, democracy. The broken leg is labelled stewardship.

Just ideas. Not sure how likely I go with any. Still, I think they represent our times well.


Planet of the Apes’ final scene:

Bali Beach pollution

Hudson River School paintings:

Babies drinking from bottles that could be labelled Coca-Cola, Oxycontin, heroin, or Exxon:

Rosie the Riveter:

A four-legged stool that could tip over if one leg broke:

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