Impossible Burger Insanity Packaging

April 12, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature

I avoid doof even when presented as helping the environment, but volunteering, a store was throwing away this product not because it had gone bad but because stores get rid of old inventory for new; I instead delivered to the community center for people to eat for free.

The small question: why do they use more packaging than product if they claim part of their value is helping the environment?

The Big Question: Why the whole product?

Why do we feel compelled to use cutting edge science to create vegetarian food? What’s wrong with a plate of beans and vegetables?

How spoiled are we that beans aren’t good enough for us? If you’re allergic, there are plenty of alternatives simply growing out of the ground.

It bears repeating:

What’s wrong with a plate of beans and vegetables?

They cost a fraction the price, taste as good, and don’t wreck the environment. Just because this stuff wrecks it less than factory farms doesn’t make it benign.

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