In depth on habits, initiative, and discipline: Hear me on the Ideas Lab podcast

June 7, 2019 by Joshua
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John Williams, host of the Ideas Lab podcast, recently recorded a conversation at my home, where I feel most comfortable so could share most openly.

Here’s his introduction:

From the Ideas Lab page:

Joshua Spodek – Leadership Step by Step

I’m here in Greenwich village in New York City today and I’m here to meet Josh Spodek.

Josh is a fascinating character. He was a former astrophysicist and then became an entrepreneur, and now he is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship and leadership at New York University.

Josh has acheived a lot of other things. He is a bestselling author, he has a second book coming out this month called Initiative, he’s a TedX speaker, daily blogger, and he has an award winning podcast called Leadership and the Environment.

Now aside from all these things I am fascinated by these daily rituals he has. In fact he lists them in his email signature, where he does things like he blogs every single day whatever happens. He gets up within one minute of waking up, every single day, and makes his bed. And he does dozens of burpees, a particularly brutal form of push up, every single day, no matter what state he is in.

It’s these kind of habits that have built him to the point where he can acheive remarkable things, so there seems to be a link between them. I want to find out, as somebody who doesn’t have great self discipline myself, I want to find out how he’s done that and why they matter, and how this adds up into writing successful books and creating successful businesses, so I hope you enjoy it.

Listen to the conversation below or click to the Ideas Lab page.

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On initiative, leadership, the environment, and burpees

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