011: Tanner Gers, Conversation 3, Enjoying responsibility

January 5, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

Tanner’s third conversation continues his project beyond just polluting less himself to influencing a store, in fact a whole grocery store chain. You can hear his growing enthusiasm, that the more he works on his project, the more he finds parts of it to love and act on.

Do you think because he’s a gold medal winner things come easier for him?

On the contrary, things don’t go his way. But he doesn’t give up.

If you try projects and they don’t work out, which describes me, I think it will help to see that people as successful as Tanner don’t succeed on their first tries either. I don’t know about you, but when I read their books or see them on TV, their success seems more given. Here Tanner reveals that he had to regroup and restart.

From my perspective, he sounds like he holds himself overly accountable, including for things outside of his control, but I also read that he found ways that work for him. Some may look for the positive. Tanner seems to look for the accountable.

But listen to how his perspective turns into enthusiasm. I look forward to the next time I feel like giving up on a project that’s not going my way. I’m listening to this episode.

I hope you can also hear how much fun we have together.

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