012: Judith Glaser, Conversation 2

January 8, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

This conversation was fun and engaging since Judith is charismatic, experienced, and cheerful, even though it started solemnly, owing to a terrorist attack in Manhattan the day before. We covered politics a bit — now that I think of it, one of this podcast’s few forays there.

We talked about leadership from many perspectives, including her storied experience, given her experience with globally known leaders (Donna Karan, etc) and top organizations (Harvard, Apple, etc). Most of us rarely get to talk to people with such connections and history.

I continued to follow Judith’s lead from our first conversation to use her definition of “environment,” which wasn’t my usual one, roughly meaning the air, land, and water we share. Her definition is more about people and relationships.

I treated the conversation as somewhat challenging, to enter someone else’s world. I went into this podcast as much to learn as to influence, expecting everyone to have unique views on the environment, leadership, community, and other subjects, so I welcomed it.

By challenging, I don’t mean the conversation was unpleasant or uncomfortable. Just that given my experimental physics background, we were far from my touch points like measurables like concentrations of molecules and concepts like conservation of energy.

I presume listeners with backgrounds different than mine and more like Judith’s will resonate with the conversation. My goal is to make the podcast as much for you as for me. I’d love feedback to help guide future conversations.


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