021: Emily Ann Peterson, Conversation 2: Turn Off Your Computer

February 1, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

During a book launch, Emily still turned off her computer in a stressful time. Book launches are crazy and people want your time like crazy. She still did it.

Despite her defining environmental differently than I expected, her experience was similar. As others found, it’s not what you avoid, it’s what you replace it with. I didn’t hear her describe the experience negatively.

Instead I heard her talk about ritual, alignment, values, relationships, family, and other things the experience contributed to. As others found, acting on values leads to finding value and wanting to do more.

We also talked about bravery, her just-released book, and the experiences that led to it.

Beyond her challenge and book, you’ll hear her sign up for another personal challenge.

Read the full transcript.

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