033: David Biello, conversation 3: “It’s easier than you think”

March 6, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

David shares what happens when you act on your values:

Act on your values -> better life -> act on your values more -> yet better life -> etc

This cycle is the opposite mainstream society suggests—that environmental action distracts from getting ahead, costs more, or whatever excuse.

Acting on your values distracts from living by others’ values—in particular, the values of people and institutions trying to influence you most. Who are they? Top ones I think of include:

  • Ads trying to sell you aspiration
  • “Food” companies trying to sell you sugar, fat, and salt
  • News media selling you outrage, fear, and offense
  • TV and movies selling you violence and sex

and so on.

Your first steps away from it reveal how rewarding and, after the initial struggle, easy continuing is.

David shares his challenges, struggles, and reflections

You still have to start, which David shares.

Conversations with people who have acted, as David has, differ from with people who haven’t. People who act are less defensive, less “what about you”, more thoughtful, and more enthusiastic to act more.

Once you start, you’ll find many reasons to continue. The ones not to continue—lethargy, complacency, conforming, etc—are ones you probably want to grow out of if you listen to a podcast with the word “Leadership” in the title.

What’s next?

You can hear David on the verge of taking on greater challenges. What will he do next? Will his changes influence TED?

Listen to hear what he starts considering for more living by his values.

Read the transcript.

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