032: David Biello, conversation 2: “Way better than I expected … and easier”

March 5, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

David challenged himself to reduce his meat eating. His result? Right off the bat, he said he found it way better and easier than expected. He felt good and wants to do more.

What are you waiting for?

Chances are your choice to live by your values will be easier and you’ll want to do more—if you act.

You’ll also hear from David how he made it work—using his community, choosing his beliefs, considering his goals, and so on.

He feels physically better.

This conversation set a tone for the podcast of finding joy in the change.

The value of acting and involving others

You might wonder why he didn’t change earlier. He knew the issues and felt the motivation before. He’s the Science Curator for TED! He knows the top people in the world who present on this in the most compelling way.

Yet he sounded happily surprised at his results.

That’s the value of acting, not just talking and thinking. Sharing with others engages and attracts them to help. You have to lead them, not accept their criticism based on the values of a system you are rejecting.

As you think about your values and a challenge to act on it, his experience implies you will enjoy it more than you expect.

Read the transcript.

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