068: Tensie Whelan, part 2: “You’ve got to do what you believe in”

July 27, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

Tensie and I talked about wine, creating and changing habits, and eating bugs, which happens when you work with the Rainforest Alliance.

We also talk about dealing with people when you change, influencing them, and perspectives that make these things work. The people she influences run multi-billion dollar companies.

Tensie described and lives the point of this podcast: a lifetime of acting on your values, what you care about, not imposing on others, and having fun.

I didn’t hear a whisper of guilt, blame, doom, gloom, helplessness, despair, or what many people associate with acting on the environment.

I talk to a lot of people who say that they’re doing all they can for the environment—usually people still with a lot of easy changes they’d probably like once they did them.

Despite all she’s done, she found something she could work on. However modest, it didn’t stop anything else. On the contrary, it led to more—more self-awareness, fun, interacting with others, and leading others.

When you expect the change to improve your life, you find more. Why wouldn’t you, as Tensie did?

Read the transcript.

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