067: John Lee Dumas, part 2: Become a person of value

July 25, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

John Lee Dumas took on one of the biggest and longest-term commitment of any guest. Six months in and he’s only half through it.

He also inspired me back as much as any guest, which is probably related—not to think about things or talk, but to action. As with all environmental action, I expect I’ll enjoy it after the initial challenge. I like running as I always have, so trying running how I talk about with him will challenge me.

You’ll hear how his challenge become something he

  • Enjoys
  • Shares with his family
  • Shares with his community
  • Leads others with, who also enjoy and share it.
  • Learns from
  • Will augment

Do you think acting on the environment is a distraction? That it keeps you from getting ahead? That it’s dirty?

I just checked John’s site. Last month, June 2018, he made $165,644. That’s a typical month. He can pay people to pick up garbage. Yet he enjoys doing it. He shares it. Others follow him.

Maybe acting on his values is what led him to success like that.

Read the transcript.

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