084: Geoffrey West, part 1: Simplicity beneath it all

September 10, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

Geoffrey West’s work beautifully and elegantly ties biology to how we interact with our environment. Amazingly, his unique views lead to the same conclusions as mine, though coming from totally unrelated directions.

You’ve never seen work like his.

If you love nature and science, you’ll love Geoffrey’s approach. You’ll see life and death in new ways.

I hope you’ll also catch my enthusiasm for his view and a chemistry in our conversation, which I see stemming from the passion and view of the world physicists have that drew me to the field and that tell us new, important things.

I kept the conversation mostly intact since if you like nature, you’ll appreciate his views. If so, I urge you to stick through to the end, where his views converge with mine.

Read the transcript.

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