094: Where Reason Fails and Leadership Works

October 9, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

Many people think if you just reason enough, you’ll get to what’s right and wrong in a way everyone will believe.

This happens in the environment and many other places in life. In the environment, you may believe we should pass a law limiting emissions. When you hear another person suggest that that law might hurt jobs, you might think if you convince the other person through reason, they’ll come to agree with you.

Experience has shown me, and probably you, that trying to convince people tends to provoke debate. I’ll show you why trying to convince others and change their behavior through reasoning usually backfires. Convincing and logical debate often leads people to reinforce their positions and dislike you.

They think emotion gets in the way and confuses us from seeing clearly what’s right and wrong.

They don’t understand reason, nor emotion, nor how the human mind works regarding judgment, which this post covers.


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