109: Flying and Polluting Helps Elect Trump

December 20, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

This episode is for people who detest Trump. I’ll speak to people who love him in future episodes.

If you pollute and emit greenhouse emissions beyond the IPCC recommendations, which one round-trip cross country coach flight will nearly do, you personally pulled out of the Paris Agreement so many people criticized Trump for pulling out of.

If you defend your flying and other pollution as necessary for your job, congratulations, you used the same excuse behind killing every piece of environmental legislation that’s lost.

Beyond your actions’ effects on the environment, when you tell others to sacrifice for things you don’t, you motivate people to vote against you. If you care about issues you differ with Trump on—abortion, gun rights, Supreme Court justices, how the world views our nation—your saying coal miners should sacrifice their jobs while you use your job as an excuse to keep flying motivates people to vote against you. Many people want to stick it to the liberal elite.

How to win

If you want to win in 2020, do what you want others to do and show how much you love the results. Change your job to enable meeting your environmental values and share how it improved your life. You might not believe it will now, but it will. I know from experience.

Or keep polluting, keep your job, motivate more people to vote against you, lose in 2020, and watch more Supreme Court seats filled by people like Kavanaugh and enjoy a wall on our southern border.

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