108: Awareness Is A Delay Tactic, A Smokescreen

December 19, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

I talk to a lot of people who aren’t acting on their environmental values. They explain their inaction in many ways, but one of the top ones is that they claim they first have to raise their awareness or become more conscious.

To claim unawareness of an issue making global front page news monthly, maybe weekly, when anyone who has ordered takeout or considered eating less meat or driving fewer miles, everyone is plenty aware of the situation and things they can do about it.

Action leads to awareness more than the other way around.

People will deny it, but nearly everyone uses the specious, fatuous, self-serving pursuit of awareness as a delay tactic, a smokescreen to distract from action.

Sadly, beyond delaying awareness, delaying action also delays transforming the internal conflict they’re trying to become aware of into joy, discovery, growth, meaning, purpose, saving money, delicious food, and all I created this podcast to share.

If you want awareness, act, and bring more joy into your life.

I also read a passage from Martin Luther King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail to illustrate the problem he saw with people delaying action.

Read the transcript.

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